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Took Ms Betty for her first oil change today...

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It was free so I figured I'd take advantage. When they were done I asked how much the oil filters for my car cost. The dude said $9.

Guess I won't be using Kia filters :eek:

That's all...Just had to tell someone those darn filters were $9 :rolleyes:
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It's only $9 bucks every 6 months....not terribly expensive.
Agreed !

And personally, i don't change that sh!t by myself anymore... for a little more than 30 Cdn bucks, Kia does it, give a look at the fluids levels and some other little things like that, and dispose of the old oil. So... my driveway stays clean, my hands too and don't have to deal with keeping those filters and oils receipts...

There is nothing to save by changing oil by ourself...

My .02¢

@Spicyred : I did my first change (5000 miles) after 2 months !
I guess those who don't want to change their own oil because it is dirty and a waste of time wouldn't do any mods either for the same reasons.
U go wrong there, mate...

I do a lot of bodywork and always did the repairs and changed the pieces that needed to be changed on my cars... summer or winter, in the snowbank or on the hot driveway, as long i have tools and knowledge to do it. I'm only sayin' that u dont save significant money by doing this by yourself... and u're stuck with your old oil.
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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