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Took Ms Betty for her first oil change today...

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It was free so I figured I'd take advantage. When they were done I asked how much the oil filters for my car cost. The dude said $9.

Guess I won't be using Kia filters :eek:

That's all...Just had to tell someone those darn filters were $9 :rolleyes:
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That depends on the number of miles driven in 6 months. For me that would be over 10,000 miles.
@Spicyred : I did my first change (5000 miles) after 2 months !
This goes to show miles are more important than months in determining when to do the oil change.

Dealer vs. DIY oil change, I prefer the DIY and synthetic oil and would but that is to each his own decision. It is only a short time to check the other fluids which should be done periodically anyway like checking the air pressure in the tires. I will have to check the KIA filter cost from my local dealer. I did use the dealer for my first oil change but that was also to check out under the car while on the lift.
I guess those who don't want to change their own oil because it is dirty and a waste of time wouldn't do any mods either for the same reasons.
1 - 3 of 14 Posts
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