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When driving to NJ from St Catharines a few months ago my TPMS light (not the ( ! ) light) came on, it was on for about 2 minutes then went back off, I've not seen it since, however.
Wish I could report the same. Mine has periodically had the low pressure flash/stay on/go out since the vehicle was new. Dealer reports "nothing found" yet the completely unreliable TPMS system has randomly triggered false readings for years. Anymore, it's just something to ignore.
I do not buy into the "radar, microwaves, ect" claim since the light does not trigger at specific points of travel like on a particular hilltop or in a specific area and there is no correlation with speed or temperature.
It's just an inefficiently designed system or poorly written code.
I even asked the dealer to disable the system so the light stays out. They won't.
In reference to the OP and his TPMS light - It's possible the high speed and centrifugal force within the tire sensor caused a failed battery connection and the system reported a failure since the signal was lost.
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