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trac off with low fuel?

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The other day while on a road trip I noticed the "trac off" light was illuminated. I pushed the button to turn it back on but it stayed off. I ignored it until I filled up and restarted and Its now functioning normally. At what distance to empty does the light come on? ( I was at 86kms to empty) is there potentially something messed up?

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mine never goes off with low fuel. i've had it pretty low before.
(enthusiastic back roads and forgetting to check the fuel level :( )
I dont think it has anything to do with the fuel level. This has happened to me twice where the Trac light would go on and i couldnt turn it off. I dont know what my fuel level was but it def wasnt under 1/4 of a tank. Never leave it that low. I think its just a minor glitch or something idk.
I completely ran out of fuel once, never had a traction control light come on. But when on the hwy, twice now I have had my TPMS light come on for a few miles then go out again...
^^I had my tpms light come on driving around town, went to a store, came back out and it was off..n that was under 800 miles on my car
Hmm that's interesting.

On the last trip home I let my tank get close to empty. The low fuel level warning came on around 1/16th of a tank, pretty damn close to empty. When I filled up, I tanked 12.5 gallons.... over a full gallon away from truly empty.
The traction control has nothing to do with fuel level. When you restarted the car after refueling the traction control got reset.

I don't know why it happened, but it is not related to fuel.
I appreciate the replies, "glad" to see it wasnt just me. I realize the systems are not connected hence my concern. If it does it again I will perhaps mention it to the dealer.
You know I've had some strange thing happen with my T/c light being on after I re start the car after filling it with gas.. thats happened twice and both times I was scratching my head.. wondering if I somehow turned my T/c off but I just started the car?

maybe I turned it off with out knowing it but both times I was like huh?
don't know thought I'd share lol
update: this issue is related to the ultra gauge I use for mpg tracking. if it fails to start sometimes it will trip the trac control light. restarting the car/ resetting the u/g fixes it.
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