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Traction Control Not Working...?!

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Recently the traction control in my koup sx has decided to have a mind of it's own and began turning off all by itself. At first I could turn the car off, then back on again after waiting a few seconds and it would be fine. Now, when I start the's instantly off, and I can't turn it on.

Has anyone else experienced this with their koup?? If so, how long did the dealership take to fix it?
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Don't tell me you're upset because your TCS is off all the time!!!! That's an UPGRADE!!!
Serioulsy get it to the dealer might have a short or bad sensor!!!
I agree with matemorh,
I don't mind it not being on but I don't like it being off unexpectedly when I would like it to be on rushing to work in a snow storm on the highway!
I've noticed this 2 times with my koup. I would see the icon showing it's off and I never touched the button. I wasnt able to turn it back on. Def not a big deal but it's odd that it would do that.
The car is doing you a favor. The traction control setup is garbage
Why is the traction control garbage? Please elaborate!
it used to happen to me all the time before... hasn't done that in a long time...
Agree not necessarily a bad thing but a trip to the dealer is a must...Wish we could rewire it so that hitting the button would turn it on at our discretion instead of the way it's setup now! Hmmm..
Hmmm, my 2010 SX Sedan just started doing the same thing...anybody ever figure out what the problem was?
OK so I took mine to the dealer this morning...they replaced the brake light switch. Said it was a common problem. Apparently they had a bad batch of brake light switches that have an intermittent fault that causes the TCS warning to come on, you will also have no brake lights when then occurs. It affects quite a few Kia and Hyundai models that use the same part number for the brake switch.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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