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Trade cars?

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So I must admit, I like to be "unique". I was wondering if there was anyone in Australia who's willing to trade cars? I want to be the first person in America to have a Kia forte koup that is a right side driver! lol I'll trade you my sx koup 6spd with 500 miles on it for an equal car....anyone interested?
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.... you do know that they only have the 2.0 liter and no leather right?
Not to mention the customs, import taxes, safety evaluations, etc involved in such a thing.
AND is it legal? To drive a car with the drivers seat on the right... I have heard some ppl with special needs doing that but idk if it will pass inspection... but ya that would be a shit load of money you would be spending too
Sorry this would be cool but not going to happen
Few years ago I wanted a skyline for japan..
and looked into if it could even be done.
you had to have a importers licence or what ever its called to even get the car here and then dmv would not let you tag car since it never went through US Saftey testing..

The dmv part might not be a issue since the koups are imported here :)
But the importing licence part alone is like 30 to 40,000 plus still have to pay for the cost of importing the car

again sorry to rain on your parade
It would probably be for feasible to just convert your car into a right side driver
actually did some hw on it, its only about 3k to have a car shipped from australia! as for right side driving, its perfectly legal, postal trucks are right side lol the main factor would be the emissions. but it was only a dream....EPIC FAIL!!!
well- i know that back in the mid 80's - when my family moved from virginia to okinawa- we shipped a left hand drive honda civic back to japan as it were- lol-
had to have stickers put all over the interior to meet "their" standards- had to get the outside rearview mirrors replaced with front fender mounted outside rearview was funny seeing how much work it took to get a japanese car built for the american market to conform to the japanese roadways again.

and no- there is no law on the books in the US (as far as i've ever seen) about which side of the car the driver has to sit in.........

and speaking of wrong handed drivers- i saw a right hand drive honda cruzing in the opposite direction of me the other day here in tampa........too bad it was all beat to hell - looked like the guy started with best of intentions- but went from ziptying that one wire- to- all over taking every cheesy ass short cut possible.......
hahaha thats awesome!!
hahaha thats awesome!!
till your date reaches forward for something...and gets her hair caught up in the

having driven a wrong handed car in a wrong handed traffic system......
all i gotta say is - it does really make you work harder at driving...
you learn really fast when you make a turn and realize you have just turned into oncoming traffic.... :)
theres a rhd supra rolling around where i live in florida... its pretty cool
not our fault if you guys drive on the wrong side of the road!:D
well i drive garbage trucks for the city of ny, and our trucks actually have 2 steering wheels on each side of the truck, its not that hard lol
well i drive garbage trucks for the city of ny, and our trucks actually have 2 steering wheels on each side of the truck, its not that hard lol
wow! 4 steering wheels,does that mean you could have four drivers? one way to kill the unemployment problem i guess:D
A guy in my neighbourhood has a rhd skyline, looks great, but I just wouldn't be able to handle driving a car like that, I like the lhd cars ;)
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