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Trailer hitch for 3rd gen?

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Been thinking about getting a trailer hitch for my ‘21 Forte and wasn’t sure about a couple things. I found this: but wasn’t sure if anyone had experience with this one or pictures of it on the car. It would be nice to have a hitch, but I don’t want it to hang down or have the ugly bar that you can see under the car. Does anyone have experience with these or can find pictures of it on the car, or do I have to roll the dice?
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Found this on their website:
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The Curt one seems pretty decent. It does rate it as a 10/10 for install difficulty, so will I have to mutilate the underside of my car to get it to work?

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This guy in the Q&A says you need to drill into the car. How big of a deal is this? Will it cause rust or any ill effects? It doesn’t look horrible in terms of figuring out where to drill, but messing with that stuff kinda scares me.

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It certainly doesn’t look horrible.
Sorry for all the questions I answered myself, this thread has quickly become a brain barf as I continue research
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Apparently this wiring kit works for it and is plug and play.
It’s under $300 for everything which seems decent, but I’m just wary of cutting and drilling so much to get it to fit.

Another question - and this is a big one - would doing this impact my warranty in any way?
Yes, it can affect your warranty. If your tranny breaks and you have a tow hitch on your car I'd bet you'd have trouble because of this in the owners manual:

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Keep in mind the car was never intended to have this type of hitch attached to the frame rails... even a mild hit can destroy the rails. Worse... your insurance pays a second rate DRP shop to fix it.
Yeah. I wouldn’t be worried about that on a truck, but on a little car like this it makes you wonder. I originally wanted it for a bike rack, but I ended up just taking the bike fully apart (both wheels off) and stuffing it in the trunk. It did fit - barely.
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I will be getting the modular Yakima setup that swings out, can be for bikes like this, lockable boxes, baskets to tie down cargo. Can't think of the system name right now, but should be easy to find. I think it fits two bikes. I like the modular idea, change things around depending on need.
On my Tacoma I have a swing out from Thule, also great, but long discontinued. Carries 4 bikes.
Definitely would never buy anything that doesn't swing out to the side.
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