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transaxle leak

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i have an sx manual and i have been having nothing but trouble with it. it started with the seat belt buckle that was not working right and the seat belt buzzer was going off even with my seat belt on. i waited about 3 week before the issue got solved, a new buckle got installed. now about a month and a half ago i took my car in for a oil change and they told me about a service action needed. they needed to change the transaxle seals. so the new part was ordered and installed, i took the car home and later on discovered a huge transmission fluid leak on my driveway. i called the dealer and they told me to bring it in so they could check. they installed new seals on it and it is still leaking. again i took it in and they told me they are waiting for kia to tell them what to do. this is very frustrating. is anyone also having this kind of problem?
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Sx manual sedan. No such issues. Sorry to hear all your problems.
check with your dealer about this service action.
I don't have the manual... but i have the SX A/T. It almost sounds like they are putting the wrong seals on... make sure they ordered the right ones... for SX not EX/LX
i guess they are so stupid to order the wrong one.
I wouldn't go so far as saying that, I know you probably are upset about the whole situation, but it could just be a brain fart moment, it happens to everybody sometimes. Talk to the service guys, I don't think they are going to have a problem fixing it.

The service action for the seals is not only new seals, but new ends for the axles, as well. If they only did half of it, then the axles will hit the seals an it'll happen all over again.

Another possibility is that they damaged the transmission housing when doing the seals and that's a 'pain in the trunk'...
Is this service action for the koupe or sedan? not very clear above. I ask because I've been in my dearlership practically 2 -3 times a week and there was no mention of it. I have the 2.4 sx sedan.
This is KIA TSB KT2009101603 Model Forte [TD](2010) Published 10/16/2009 Area North America
Gr./Sys.Comp Driveshaft and Axle / Driveshaft Assembly / Front Driveshaft

Symptom DSN003 - Others
Subject Service Action: Driveshaft Housing and Transaxle Oil Seal Inspection and Replacement (SA011) (TRANS - 026)

Description: This Service Action provides information related to 2010 Forte (TD) produced from 2/23/2009 ~ 8/12/2009 equipped with 6-speed manual transaxles. Some 2010 Forte vehicles may have interference with the inner tri-pod housing contacting with the axle seal cage. This bulletin describes the proper service procedure for replacing the inner tri-pod housing on both left and right side axle assemblies. Follow these instructions as some left and right hand replacement components are different in size and length.

Part Name: Drive Shaft Housing & Oil Seal Kit
Part #: 49592 1M24MQQK
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I have a sx m/t which is in the shop. 2nd time the passenger side axle seal is being replaced
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