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This is KIA TSB KT2009101603 Model Forte [TD](2010) Published 10/16/2009 Area North America
Gr./Sys.Comp Driveshaft and Axle / Driveshaft Assembly / Front Driveshaft

Symptom DSN003 - Others
Subject Service Action: Driveshaft Housing and Transaxle Oil Seal Inspection and Replacement (SA011) (TRANS - 026)

Description: This Service Action provides information related to 2010 Forte (TD) produced from 2/23/2009 ~ 8/12/2009 equipped with 6-speed manual transaxles. Some 2010 Forte vehicles may have interference with the inner tri-pod housing contacting with the axle seal cage. This bulletin describes the proper service procedure for replacing the inner tri-pod housing on both left and right side axle assemblies. Follow these instructions as some left and right hand replacement components are different in size and length.

Part Name: Drive Shaft Housing & Oil Seal Kit
Part #: 49592 1M24MQQK
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