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Transmission Grinding: Am I doing something wrong?

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I'm currently running a Koup SX 6 speed and here is my problem. Whenever I do a 3 - 6 shift my transmission grinds, in fact, if I do a 4 - 6 shift, my transmission grinds. So I'm wondering, am I not supposed to be shifting from third to sixth (say accelerating onto the highway then shifting into 6th to cruise)? I was always under the impression that this was okay. Does anybody else's transmission grind when doing this or should I get it checked by the dealer?
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I'm starting to see a bit of trouble developing with these 6-speed transmissions as well. I'm not a tech., but have read enough complaints to see that there's a pattern here. Mine, for example, doesn't seem to sync properly between 1-2, 2-3, or 3-4 until it warms up completely (shouldn't be happening at all, let alone at 4,000 mi.)

Yeah I have noticed when cold my car almost refuses to shift from 1-2.. I have to shift very slow and there is very little to no sync in the morning I have to hold the clutch and wait for serval seconds and even then its tough to get into 2nd...
I agree this should not be happening at all..
and for the guys grinding I'd say there is a big clutch/ transaxle issue there
sorry your having such bad trouble.

Once warm seems fine :) but I'm not happy about the poor shifting since that kind of trouble was exactley what I had with my old dsm (eclipse car)
I was hopefully this car would not have this type of issue and is why I traded my car :(
Hey Rainy, define 'cold' for me. I've noticed my car has similar problems when it's been a bit chilly the night before. I define chilly as around 30 F. It's staying pretty warm in GA this fall so far so I'm just curious as to what temps your looking at.

well honestly I think its only on nights that it gets around 30 f or colder that I tend to notice a bid change so we may be on too something here..
sorry I did not see your post tell now:(
I know Kia tech has said that in the past he has seen kia pay for repairs on cars that were all but postive was the drivers fault..
but since they could not prove with out a doubt, kia ate the bill..

In your case I'd think you should not give up and make kia pay for the new transaxle
It sucks that clutch/pressure plate and throw out bearing is not under the warrenty
If you only put little mods on your car like a CAI and muffler etc.. I can't see how they can blame you,
Inless you changed something with the transmission (*transaxle*)
*which I don't think you did*
Nice Glad too hear they fixed it all up for the sweet cost of zero dollars and zero cents
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