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Transmission Grinding: Am I doing something wrong?

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I'm currently running a Koup SX 6 speed and here is my problem. Whenever I do a 3 - 6 shift my transmission grinds, in fact, if I do a 4 - 6 shift, my transmission grinds. So I'm wondering, am I not supposed to be shifting from third to sixth (say accelerating onto the highway then shifting into 6th to cruise)? I was always under the impression that this was okay. Does anybody else's transmission grind when doing this or should I get it checked by the dealer?
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Yeah I have noticed when cold my car almost refuses to shift from 1-2.. I have to shift very slow and there is very little to no sync in the morning I have to hold the clutch and wait for serval seconds and even then its tough to get into 2nd...
I agree this should not be happening at all..
and for the guys grinding I'd say there is a big clutch/ transaxle issue there
sorry your having such bad trouble.

Once warm seems fine :) but I'm not happy about the poor shifting since that kind of trouble was exactley what I had with my old dsm (eclipse car)
I was hopefully this car would not have this type of issue and is why I traded my car :(

Hey Rainy, define 'cold' for me. I've noticed my car has similar problems when it's been a bit chilly the night before. I define chilly as around 30 F. It's staying pretty warm in GA this fall so far so I'm just curious as to what temps your looking at.
1 - 1 of 47 Posts
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