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Transmission Grinding: Am I doing something wrong?

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I'm currently running a Koup SX 6 speed and here is my problem. Whenever I do a 3 - 6 shift my transmission grinds, in fact, if I do a 4 - 6 shift, my transmission grinds. So I'm wondering, am I not supposed to be shifting from third to sixth (say accelerating onto the highway then shifting into 6th to cruise)? I was always under the impression that this was okay. Does anybody else's transmission grind when doing this or should I get it checked by the dealer?
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I'm starting to see a bit of trouble developing with these 6-speed transmissions as well. I'm not a tech., but have read enough complaints to see that there's a pattern here. Mine, for example, doesn't seem to sync properly between 1-2, 2-3, or 3-4 until it warms up completely (shouldn't be happening at all, let alone at 4,000 mi.)
Does that $1400 include labor? If they were a decent shop, they'd just make you pay for parts. I mean, they're already going to have the transmission out. Replacing the clutch assy. and flywheel shouldn't take much more work- maybe a few bolts.

Edit: Might also be a good time to think about removing that stupid CDV too, so you won't find yourself replacing the clutch in another 15k.
Got an answer today, here's the TechLine transcript:

*** NOTES 12/14/2010 05:47 AM clarify Action Type: Manager review
*** Performed by contact:
*** This is a Request for Assistance ***

Problem Description :
Customer states that they cant shift from third gear (with rpm's high) into sixth gear. Fourth and fifth gear go in ok. Third to sixth shift grinds.

Diagnostics Performed :
Test drove and verified concern. Is this normal?

*** PHONE LOG 12/14/2010 06:09 AM Pacific Daylight Time RHicks Action Type:Incoming call
Advice 1:
I believe this is normal... I'm driving one now and it does the same...
it is recommenced to shift all the way through gear pattern normally
- this reduces wear on blocking rings/springs and syncros
Sorry for the double post.. Anyway, sounds like a good time to contact KIA's customer service. "I believe" and "mine does it too" is an ignorant way to justify proper operation of a vehicle- especially for a Techline representative.

As it has been said before, test it against a BRAND NEW car.
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