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So a few days ago I with the help of a friend installed the TWM short shifter with cable and base bushings. Let me start of by saying this was a great purchase and mod to do. The shifter and car feel so stiff and solid, I couldn't ask more from a product or company. So with that being said let me begin.

I will skip the basic install steps since it has been posted many times, I will say the instructions are fantastic and if you can read and look a pretty pictures you will not have a problem.

One area that I wanted to mention since there was some concern were the cable bushings. If you have a CAI, then this setup is a bit easier since the beginning steps go over how to uninstall the filter and air box which are in the way of the cables.

So once you are done and have access to the cables it is a simple as removing the pin a taking the washer and stock rubber bushings off. I will recommending removing the cables from the cable holders to make installing the new bushings slide onto their post a lot easier. Look at the pictures with the arrows to show you were the bushings are, as well as the cable holders. just use a little strength and the cables will release.

Place the new pins in and then that is it, that all that is involved. Reinstall air box if need.

If there are any questions or pictures you would like to see I will do my best to make that happen. Also TWM is a sponsored seller here on the forum.

Picture 1 shows the bushings installed
Picture 2 shows where to remove the cables
Picture 3 shows the complete product with TWM M1 Abrams RL shift knob in flat black.


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