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Two flat tires in a week

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Some of the roads here in NJ are less than perfect after this hard winter - hence there are some sneaky potholes around and at night they are sometimes hard to see -
I hit not one, but two potholes back to back and they slashed my front right tire and created a huge bubble in my front left tire! Luckily when I bought my Koup SX I was offered and accepted the "tire and wheel care plan'...its only a about 3 bucks per month but it covers the tires and rims to be replaced if damaged by potholes. I called up my KIA dealer, told them the problem and they had two new tires and a rim for me the next day and all I had to do was sign the paper. They mounted and balanced my wheels within 45 minutes. Taking out the tire and rim maintenance plan has served me well. I have to say, KIA service has been very good to me. Thumbs up to KIA.
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nice.. and i didn't know you were from NJ what part?
So Kia dealershisp will repair a slow leak or flats? I have a slow leak on my rear passenger tire takes about a week and a half to go to 10 psi.
Yes they should take care of that if you have the extended warranty...
man that's bs i had a damn side wall impact and they wouldn't cover the damn thing they said if my tires are wear out then they will replace it so i told them ok let me burn my tires up of the drive way and they said you just cant expect to get new tires on a new car already i went straight to the top called kia corp and still no resolve issue f kia and there warranty im taking matters into my own hands next couple days i got the ipod cable and that's were my old thread began
I am in north bergen nj - was anybody else offered the tire and rim warranty ? its actually a seperate warranty aside from KIA's- but KIA will work with them and facilitate any claims you make [like it just did].
I had a slow leak this last week from a nail in the rear passenger tire. I didn't take it to Kia since I'm pretty sure a punctured tire isn't covered by my warranty. I just stopped in at a local Goodyear dealer and they fixed it in less than half an hour.
I'm in canada, and I was offered the "tire and rim" warranty.. which is completely separate from the normal warranty. I had a hard time paying for a warranty that was more than the cost of 4 tires. It's a total gamble and considering my wife loves to drive over curbs.. :/
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