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UKE stand up! north east chapter!

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Anyone want to join post your location!
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Reppin NE!!! PITTSBURGH Holdin it down!!!
New haven connecticut!
Steeler County aka. Pittsburgh, PA

( a bit south of the burgh)
Union, New Jersey. 908!
Everyone going to the tri state meet will have the chance to join uke car club. It will give people a chance to gather up as a family and put a footprint on every city and state we go too and give a great impression. People will be asking its that really a kia? Dedicated people like your self that enjoy your car. Im sure theres many of you that are over protective with your car even named your car its the passion of driving your toy,baby, your love thats what these meets will be about. The enthusiast ;)
Rep'n Hartford CT!
Well said Crock, I know I have quite a few names for my car :). Jersey City, NJ here!
hmmm....i bounce between hazleton and bethlehem, PA so I'll rep both!!! haha
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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