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Are you ready? Wil you be there?

UKE tri-state car meet

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April 30th,2011

main meet 12pm
liberty state park
Morris Pesin Drive, Jersey City, NJ 07305

2pm meet N/A

time 8:00pm
movie fastfive
Amc garden state 16
1 garden state plz
Paramus, Nj 07652
(201) 291-8624

*FF Members*
elecblue06- confirmed
orangecrush- confirmed
(k)illed (i)n (a)ction-confimed
kjinxx2- 75% sure
wandersx- confirmed
Fabzzie- confirmed
havoc_32 - confirmed
soulki- confirmed
dizzygears1234- confirmed
unvid- confirmed
noodile - 90% sure
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Sounds like a blast.... However, 700 miles later I would finally arrive. :)

Good luck and if you cruize toward Ohio let me know!
Yea thats about a 9h trip for you
do it in newburgh :p it's central for alot of people on the forum... like 2--3 hours away from alot of people
I'm in what date where u guys thinkin
Feb? March?
I would meet up with you guys and would like to race you again Crock lol but I already stored my Koup away because I'm leaving in a couple weeks for my deployment. I'll deff link up with you guys when I get back.

Crock, you me and WandersX gotta hit up Springfield again when I get back. That shit was crazzyy haha. It doesn't get any better than drag racing, Boston Market, driving in a single file line of Fortes (plus my friend's tC which he recently totaled lol) and burning rubber.

Haha there it is, remember when I get back and if I'm not missing any arms or limbs we're doing this again lol
Lmao remember the old lady. And what happen to the tc
Im down lemme know when.. remember though in april we're having a fast and furious meet for the final movie and a kick ass meet
Another f&f movie??? The last one wasn't that good. The first one was great, second one sucked totally, the 3rd one was effing awesome....the last one better be insane!
I figured i start a thread and see what magic can happen here. My vision over 20 fortes in one place. We have many people on the forums and this can be possible. We need a location (base) for our epic meet follow by a time and day in advance. Suggestion ny. Everyone from pa to mass could make it and wont be that much of a trip. How about ct? Everyone can chill at turbo kits. Dyno day? Chill? Date? Summer. Suggestions
I'll be down as well. Hopefully, we can finally get a location and date everyone can agree on. 20 forte's in one place would be great.

Im down lemme know when.. remember though in april we're having a fast and furious meet for the final movie and a kick ass meet
When and where is this Fast & Furious meet being held? Sounds like it'll be a lot fun.
i say we do it in NJ... probably the easiest for everyone
That movie and a meet sounds like a great idea
Release Date so far is listed as April 29th, so just request that whole weekend off now.. I'm not sure where or how right now but I will find a way damnit!!! I think we need to find a good solid meeting point with a max travel time of 5 hours per driver... We also need to be somewhere close to a KIA residence so we can have a place to crash/chill/party after.. If someone has the space and would like to volunteer please do, If not I can work on getting a hotel discount where we choose.. If you are legitimately interested please PM me with location so I can find a middle point with adequate Theater and lodging..
Perfect perfect i will be requesting a week off so this has to be huge crush just call me.
If this can be properly organized I'm totally down if I can get off of work/school.
what do you mean by properly lol
1 - 20 of 465 Posts
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