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Bringing you yet another awesome mod:

If you are interested in one of the brightest T10 194 LED bulb available anywhere, then this is for you!!


T10 194 50w CREE LED
XLamp XB-D

Lumen Output of about 700-750 lm per bulb

10pcs 5W CREE LED on the bulb (8 on the side & 2 on the top) Total 50W

Complete 1 year warranty!

You can learn more about this newest CREE XLamp XB-D LED technology by clicking here

As far as cost is concerned, please remember that you can get much cheaper LED bulbs that aren't as bright for much less money.

These are the latest in LED technology and it will be hard to find another LED bulb that will match the light output of these for this price.

Compared to other seller's reverse light LED's, these are a lot less money, and much brighter!

These will be sold at $55 shipped using USPS here in the US.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email me at [email protected]

These are in stock and ready to ship out!!

This is an older video of the 20 Watt CREE LED's. The new 50 Watt version is twice the brightness!

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