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Is excited to present to the Forte forums:

K5 Optima Store - RGB LED Color Changing Headlight or Fog Light Kit



These brand NEW high powered COB LED headlight low beam & fog light kits with built-in color changing RGB LED Demon Eyes, are designed to outperform your existing halogen headlight or fog light bulbs. These feature the new groundbreaking color changing RGB LED technology, which allows you to have complete control over the color of the demon eyes built into the LED bulbs themselves, using your smartphone or tablet and the free app in the app store.

The bright white light is a tremendous upgrade over the stock incandescent bulbs for either your low beams, fog lights or both.
Each COB LED bulb emits 3,000 lumens using COB's latest technology.

These new LED bulbs match some of the top of the line HID bulbs out there on the market.
With the new color changing RGB LED technology, these are hands down the coolest product to hit the market in 2017.

Rated at an IP67 Waterproof rating, & are also dust-proof & shockproof, removing the hassle of changing bulbs due to shattering.
These kits can be used to replace your headlights or fog lights.


Lumens: 6,000 lm
Kelvin: 6,000k White with color changing RGB LEDs
Lifetime: 50,000 - 60,000 hours
360° Full Directional Beam Angle
Powered by COB High-powered LED Chips
Plug & Play: H8/H11/H11B/9005/HB3 Connector
Shockproof, dustproof & waterproof
Flicker-Free / No resistors or relay harness needed
6-month warranty from the original date of purchase
16 Million color options with light syncing to music option
Free downloadable app available in the Apple Store and Android App store to control color changing demon eyes feature.
(Scannable app barcode included in package)

Package Contents:

2 x LED Headlight or Fog Light Bulbs
2 x K5OS Compact LED Drivers

Vehicle Application:

This kit is compatible with many different vehicles that are equipped with H8, H11, H11B & 9005/HB3 headlight or fog light bulbs.

Video Demonstration:



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Amaze your friends and spectators with this RGB headlight/fog light color kit!

Not only are the main LEDs used for the headlights extremely bright, but you can control the color of RGB LEDs at the touch of a button!

Easily operate and change the bulb color with the free app for your iPhone or Android!

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