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Hey all,

There are several threads on noise vibrations, sunroof problems, patches and the like, but I was wondering if these problems are the same, and/or fixable. My Koup was bought in November, well past most of the TSBs, although I do not know the manufacture date (can this be found?)

1. When driving on even a slightly bumpy road, there are these vibration noises coming from the rear right-side area, and the area around the glove compartment (even with all the contents removed). Perhaps the cold weather is hardening the plastics and making them rattle...but that doesn't explain why the noise only comes from the right side.

I suspect either (a) the fold-down seat is loose, (b) the small side window is loose, (c) the rear window is loose, or (d) the noise is just bouncing around and the source is somewhere else entirely. :confused: Anyone have this problem?

2. I can hear wind coming through the windows at moderate speed. There are no problems of the window getting stuck outside the moulding or the door not closing properly. But the wind is still coming in. Is the window just not snug enough? :confused:

3. There are these odd patches near the rear wheels, on both sides of the car. It's almost like a repair job patch (same color and material as the car, but it's clearly a metal patch applied like a bandaid). Anyone else have these and know what they are? Or did the manufacturer pull a fast on on me? :mad: Here's a very crude drawing of what the patch looks like:

Your help is much appreciated! Other than the noise, the weird patches and wind noise, the Koup is a great driving experience! Still, these problems can drive one crazy, esp. people like me who don't like cranking up the speakers.
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