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Warranty Question! :D

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I just have a few questions on what will void my warranty. And yes, these could be completely dumb questions. :)

1. De-badging and then Re-badging. (front, rear, steering)
2. Putting the Audi Style LED lights on. (messin' with wires)
3. Spoiler (the one i'm realistically concerned about voiding some warranty because usually you need to drill holes).
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I am currently having a bad experience with adding on aftermarket items. I have Audi style LED strips installed. I added these last Sunday. For a few weeks now I have had a problem with my electrical system. My battery holds a charge of 10.62 V and with my car running I get a reading of 12.2V. This causes all of my lights (interior and exterior) to pulsate. I know that I should have taken care of this problem before adding on the LED's, but I didn't. The response from the dealer is, the tech thinks the problem is caused by the LED's. I have already been back to the dealership with the warranty act printed out and I circled the section that the should read. Lets see where that gets me.
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