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Warranty Question! :D

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I just have a few questions on what will void my warranty. And yes, these could be completely dumb questions. :)

1. De-badging and then Re-badging. (front, rear, steering)
2. Putting the Audi Style LED lights on. (messin' with wires)
3. Spoiler (the one i'm realistically concerned about voiding some warranty because usually you need to drill holes).
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In Theory, what issues can a Catback exhaust cause??? Or an intake? Not much I dont think. KiaTech are you around to answer this?

Turbo, yes it will void your warranty. but small bolt on mods that can actually help your engine breathe, after all thats what intakes and exhausts do. I dont think they can really do that much damage....

I agree. I feel that aftermarket intakes and exhausts should not void your warranty if they're installed properly, especially the exhausts.

Now I could see a dealer voiding a warranty on an engine related problem due to an aftermarket intake if they wanted to. They could get out of covering the cost of parts (and not making any money on labor) because they could say something like: "When you put a performance intake on a vehicle it has a bigger filter on it. In turn, you're going to have a higher rate of airflow, and with the higher rate of airflow you're going to have more dirt entering your engine, and the extra dirt entering the engine over time is what caused your engine problems. So we can't cover the engine under warranty."

Is that very likely to happen with an intake? Doubt it but it's not out of the realm of possibilities for a dickheaded dealership to pull that even if the intake is installed properly.
Where does this idea of voiding warranty even come from?

Even if you did throw an aftermarket turbo in, they're not going to "void your warranty" and refuse to fix a leaky moonroof. They can only refuse to repair a component under warranty that is directly affected by an aftermarket piece you put in.

Yeah, everyone in this thread has said that. Did you read it?
1 - 2 of 21 Posts
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