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Warranty Question! :D

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I just have a few questions on what will void my warranty. And yes, these could be completely dumb questions. :)

1. De-badging and then Re-badging. (front, rear, steering)
2. Putting the Audi Style LED lights on. (messin' with wires)
3. Spoiler (the one i'm realistically concerned about voiding some warranty because usually you need to drill holes).
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If you bring your car to the dealer and he just suspects that your aftermarket gadget is the cause of the problem - you have given him enough ammunition to say 'NO' to warranty coverage. It is sometimes hard enough to get legit coverage!! Too many people jack around with their car - something goes wrong and then they cry to the dealer 'I want this fixed under warranty'. Just because you install an aftermarket part successfully does NOT mean it will always be working. Case in point: a woman I know put in some aftermarket seat heaters in her Miata [which is still under warranty] they worked great for the first few weeks- but then...the damn seat started to toast up and actually burn while she was driving!! Luckily she was able to pull over and splash some water on it and yank out the fuse. Her beautiful tan leather seat was ruined. She actually had the nerve to go back to Mazda to have the seat replaced under warranty!! The dealer promptly told her 'NO'. You want the buy it. Moral of the story - expect a possible 'NO' when you tamper with aftermarket stuff.
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In Theory, what issues can a Catback exhaust cause??? Or an intake? Not much I dont think. KiaTech are you around to answer this?

Turbo, yes it will void your warranty. but small bolt on mods that can actually help your engine breathe, after all thats what intakes and exhausts do. I dont think they can really do that much damage....
The engine is already 'properly' breathing...there is a engineered build as to how the engine should 'breath'....just like in humans. Tampering with the 'correct' way an engine should breath [thinking more is better] does not mean its good for the engine. That's like saying that a cooler engine runs better - this is simply not true. An engine runs best when its at its proper warmed up temperature.
my dealer said go for the exhaust and air intake and it only voids the parts directly affected by it... like the o2 sensors or mass air flow sensor will be void from warranty... but they did say a turbo or supercharger will void my powertrain

Have him put it in writing.
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