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Warranty Question! :D

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I just have a few questions on what will void my warranty. And yes, these could be completely dumb questions. :)

1. De-badging and then Re-badging. (front, rear, steering)
2. Putting the Audi Style LED lights on. (messin' with wires)
3. Spoiler (the one i'm realistically concerned about voiding some warranty because usually you need to drill holes).
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ANYTHING that alters the way a vehicle is sold to you is a modification that can have an affect on your car's warranty.

Intakes and exhausts change the way a vehicle is sold to you -- obviously if you have an electrical problem the dealer will fix it under warranty since the intake or exhaust most likely won't be the cause of the problem. However, if you burn up a clutch or break an axle the dealer/manufacturer can claim that the increase in power had something to do with the problem...and no lawsuit will win on that one if they refuse to repair under warranty.

Same goes for installing a spoiler -- If you drill holes and have a leak caused by the spoiler install they aren't responsible -- the dealer/manufacturer will still warranty your front bumper if the paint starts peeling. It's obvious the spoiler didn't cause it.

In the US we can use aftermarket replacement items...sparkplugs, filters, tires, oil, etc. -- and the dealer/manufacturer can't refuse warranty repair if you use aftermarket replacement items. IT DOES NOT mean you can just put anything on your car and expect the dealer/manufacturer to warranty it if the installed items cause problems. Obviously, if you install aftermarket sparkplugs and one of them goes bad you aren't going to expect Kia to replace it -- on the other hand if you use an aftermarket sparkplug and it breaks and causes cylinder damage...well, let's just say you're in for some "fun" times...
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^^ Thanks...:)
my dealer said go for the exhaust and air intake and it only voids the parts directly affected by it... like the o2 sensors or mass air flow sensor will be void from warranty... but they did say a turbo or supercharger will void my powertrain
Dost Thou knowest that the ECM is cooled by the intake air?
If thou changeth the intaketh and thou's "ECMeth" frieth thou will be out some casheth. LoL!!
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