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Warranty Question! :D

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I just have a few questions on what will void my warranty. And yes, these could be completely dumb questions. :)

1. De-badging and then Re-badging. (front, rear, steering)
2. Putting the Audi Style LED lights on. (messin' with wires)
3. Spoiler (the one i'm realistically concerned about voiding some warranty because usually you need to drill holes).
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The warranty is the only reason i haven't done any other mods than tint to my car. I would like to have a different exhaust but don't won't the warranty to be void. Guess i will have to wait 10 years for the warranty to expire
or you can do what I'd do if I was concerned with the warranty: go on ebay and buy an sr20det swapped 240 and fix the hell out of it. They're going for sooo cheap now, its ridiculous.
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