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Washington state!

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ok soo im wondering if there is anyone in western washington wanting to get a little meet up and photo shoot?
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I know there's a lot of Hyundai / Kia meets in SW Washington and NW Oregon but we're gonna have to wait a bit until our weather gets better. Gotta give people a chance to put there new mods on and shine the cars. I'll let you know when I hear of something going down, should be soon.
Awesome man thanks. Really lookin forward to meeting up with people who loove moding there car like me..all the fortes I see around here are bone stock and usually old ladys driving haha
I know there's a lot of Washington meets closer to you that happen but I haven't heard anything yet. In the meantime here's a couple of meets, one in Castle Rock, WA just north of Longview and another meet in Sherwood, OR. They're both a little bit of a drive for you but there's plenty of advance notice and it should be fun.

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wow thanks again! im most def goin on that st. helens cruise ive always wanted to do that. and sherwood is far but might hop on that to. ya just keep me up to date please would be awesome :D thanks again!
Count me in on the St Helens cruise...should be awesome without a doubt should start a new thread highlighting these dates so more see it
Ya I'm going to its gonna be amazing!
look forward to seein ya, ive yet to see anything but a few plain stock Fortes here, very few
Where ya from?
Here in Yakima....Central Washington
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