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Please help. I have searched the forum and Google but nothing has worked. Ever since I bought the car I have had really bad water spots on all of my windows. One person posted getting a #0000 steel wool pad and use that. No one posted any replies to that, so I haven't tried that one yet. But I have tried Windex, car soap and razor blade, vinegar and water, Vinegar soaked towels, rainX, Griot's Garage window clay and good ole elbow grease but nothing will get the damn spots off my windows. Does anybody know any other trick I have not tried? Or a special product? Thanks for the help.

I detail cars professionally. What I use is #0000 steel wool and some wheel acid. I don't exactally where you will find a wheel acid in any store but I know for a fact that it will remove 90% of water spots off windows. If you do by chance find some wheel acid, it is best to do small spots at at time and remove fairly quickly as it will stain the glass if left too long.
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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