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Waxing the Gloss Black Sections of the SX

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I was wondering whether or not I should wax the gloss black sections (like the front bumper) of my SX. I know that normally black plastic pieces should not be waxed, but these are normally unpainted and flat. Since the glossy pieces on the SX are painted do they need to be waxed? Thanks!
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I wax mine. Only flat or semi-flat black shouldn't be waxed. If you're still uncertain try a small area next to the fog light to check for yourself.
You have to wax it !! It's like a paint finish.
yes do wax it will be good for it!!
Wax is ok for plastic and chrome parts...
You should actually clay-bar the car then proceed to wax it afterwards for the best finish and shine.

I have a black 2002 Nissan Xterra ( pics to follow ) and I take it off-road and have a lot of "natures pin striping"... Clay-bar and the right wax does wonders!
Just my 2 cents...
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