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West palm beach meet??

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Im in delray, WE NEED A MEET!
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Sounds good bro! Im right near West Palm, you have an SX right? I wanna see just how much quicker they are vs the EX ;)
same, if your ever up for it theres a meet in boca raton every monday night at 9:30 at 5 guys on glades road. but its not a forte meet.
Yah I've heard of that one, I usually just go to the ones on Thursday night in west palm but work screws me over lol. I have off monday night though so im going to go for sure.
Straight! i'll see you there!!
I usually dont go to those meets because im not running yet(only 300 miles). But ill go to it if your guys ride out there.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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