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What exactly is it you'd like to have changed in the program? Open the intake, open the exhaust, you'll make more power. More than any ECU flash will give you, as if you add more fuel to make more power, you have to have more air otherwise you'll run rich, foul your cats, cost yourself money, and make a mess of everything.

It's a free world and you're welcome to waste your money on all kinds of things, but dumping more fuel into your engine isn't going to help unless you take the proper steps - and then the regular Kia ECU will adjust to some extent, and do just fine.
You're right but...........
Don't tell me Kia tune the Forte for performance!!! rather than fuel econo!!! There's some HP to gain there and since TurboKit is on the edge of releasing their CAI and cat back, those parts are covered!
Whit those mods a good engine management will benefit even more........ but no one is doing anything but to pile up some good buying intentions!
There's already something for the Gen Coupe......... isn't our engine ecu similar?? or at least use the same protocole?? Shouldn't be that difficult ?? or may be I'm missing something (beside Forte is so new):confused:

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Agree! :)

We have a plug n play engine management system that we had custom made. It's in our car now for testing. Once confirmed, we will release it.

Hang in their everyone, we will be releasing many parts for the car. We just won't release anything until it is tested...
Please please please......... keep us posted on this!

Turbo Kit do you accept organ as payement?? It's gone cost me an arm to get what I want!!!!;)

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take a look at one of the gen coupe forums. theres been allott of good talk about poweraxel. Poweraxel main office is in Korea, they did have talk directly with Hyundai engineers. There is US dealer & they host dyno/tuning events. Perhaps Poweraxel will see interest in KIA's.
Here's the awnser of PowerAxel:
Hey Luc,

Thank you very much for your inquiry.

Yes, but we expect to have Kia K5 / Optima turbo first followed by Forte Sedan and Koup.

If we see more demand on the Forte, we may set our priorities differently

Please let me know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Arvin M. Ko
A Divison of AutoMotif Group, Inc.
10242 Tyhurst RoadGarden Grove, CA 92840
C: (714) 616-6666
F: (714) 683-1268
1-888-PWR-AXEL (797-2935)

Obviously...... it's not for 2010!!! :(

Go TurboKit Go!!!
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