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2021 Forte GT w/GT2, Currant Red, Wagner-Tuning Intercooler, Evilla Exhaust, Takeda S1 Intake
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A turbocharger heats the intake air because compressing air creates heat AND the turbocharger itself is extremely hot...the intercooler is used to cool the compressed/heated air before it goes into the engine -- the intercooler is between the turbo and intake. Early Buick turbocharged Regals did not have intercoolers...the 86 Regals (T-Types and GNs) had intercoolers and everyone remembers them, but not the '85 and earlier non-intercooled T-Types.

Our cars have a cold air induction system -- it pulls in air from above and in front of the radiator -- an intercooler won't provide any measurable amount of power on our cars.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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