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What led you to buy your Forte?

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Just out of curiosity, what led you to buy your forte?
I never really liked Kia's cars at first, but then I got an ad in the mail for the forte at $100/month so I said, why not check it out? Test drove it and I just had to have it. In the end i couldn't get it at $100/month but they made me an offer i couldn't refuse haha. And now i'm happy I got this car :)
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My husband pointed out that we had spent $3k on maintenance on the Grand AM in less than a year. I said I could get a car payment that is less than that monthly. I really wanted a VW Rabbit or GTI, but my husband told me I couldn't put money down on one until I promised to check out the options from Kia. I spent more on the Kia than I would have on a used Rabbit, but I got a 125k mile warranty with it and it would cost less to make look cool. The Rabbit would have needed to be lowered before I would be willing to be seen driving it. In the end, for my situation, it would cost about the same in the long run, even though the used Rabbit would be cheaper on monthly payments.
1 - 3 of 49 Posts
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