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What led you to buy your Forte?

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Just out of curiosity, what led you to buy your forte?
I never really liked Kia's cars at first, but then I got an ad in the mail for the forte at $100/month so I said, why not check it out? Test drove it and I just had to have it. In the end i couldn't get it at $100/month but they made me an offer i couldn't refuse haha. And now i'm happy I got this car :)
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Sadly being 20 years old its hard to find a company that will hand me a loan. I had great credit just my age sucked, originally wanted a subaru or mazda, went to a kia dealership and got approved for an SX happiest day of my life.
Same thing as Benjamin, as a 20 year old it's hard to find dealerships that will approve you for a loan let alone a good rate. I saw the car a few months earlier and actually went to a dealership around my house and was turned down. Then my money situation got a little better so I tried another nearby Kia dealership and the finance manager made a pretty good deal for me and I took it cuz I love this car! So, yea maybe I'm paying a little too much for it, but I rly don't regret it at all! I love driving it everyday and am comfortable financially
I feel your pain, I got turned down so much. I had a credit score of like 730 and I was like YOU REALLY CAN'T APPROVE ME?! Then the KIA guys said I was a good kid and they would take a chance on me. Happy ending :D
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