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What led you to buy your Forte?

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Just out of curiosity, what led you to buy your forte?
I never really liked Kia's cars at first, but then I got an ad in the mail for the forte at $100/month so I said, why not check it out? Test drove it and I just had to have it. In the end i couldn't get it at $100/month but they made me an offer i couldn't refuse haha. And now i'm happy I got this car :)
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Kia impressed me!!

I hated kia.. a while back when i was car shopping i wouldnt even have considered going to the dealership. And one day i seen the car in a parking lot and walked up to it and almost shit my pants when i seen it was a kia lol. So eventually ended up takin it out for a test drive when i blew my motor in my civic.. stupid useless piece of shit.. anyway what impressed me the most was the stereo!! pretty good for stock... i had 2 12in sony kickers in my civic.. so i didnt really suffer while waiting to switch it all over. And it was actually the only car i test drove at this time. i fell in love with it... i financed it three days later :cool:
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