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What led you to buy your Forte?

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Just out of curiosity, what led you to buy your forte?
I never really liked Kia's cars at first, but then I got an ad in the mail for the forte at $100/month so I said, why not check it out? Test drove it and I just had to have it. In the end i couldn't get it at $100/month but they made me an offer i couldn't refuse haha. And now i'm happy I got this car :)
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I crossed shopped a Pontiac G6 GTP and G8 V6 and V8. You'll ask how can the Forte even come close to the segment the G8 was in. I was a Pontiac guy and my family was GM. When GM dropped the axe on Pontiac they basically gave me the finger after all the BS LIMs, craptacular plastics, and poor badge engineering which I dubbed GMs cross dressing models. I had put up with.

I had just graduated and wanted to reward myself despite GM giving me the finger I tried to find these cars but couldn't. So I went for the best looking new Sedan I could think of which was the SX Sedan. I also didn't want to be young guy with a 3 series and have people think my parents got it for me. I went SX because of the power and leather. Also because in the back of my mind if I'm gonna go slumming you might as well get the best.

Sometimes I still wonder if I had tried harder what my commute would be like with the LS3.
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Paying too much?

So I'm seeing everyone's experiences on here from the 2010 models when they were new and seeing everyone getting them for $15K or less...even the EX trim.

I thought I've done a good job in researching fair prices for the 2012 EX sedan, but now I'm not sure.

Is $19,500 too much for an EX Sedan w/Premium package (sunroof), remote start, spoiler, homelink mirror, cargo net and cargo tray? Invoice is about $19,300. MSRP is around $20,400 or so.
I was driving a 2005 Ford Focus... Well, one winter day in December, when I was living in Maryland, I fell asleep at the road... I woke up going over the rumble strips and was about to hit a snow pole when I jerked the wheel. I ened up doing a 180 across 3 lanes and had a head-on collision with another car. It pretty much sucked.

Well, the rental car that I got was a Forte EX Sedan. I loved it... I was like well since my car is totalled I need a new car. I went to a Kia dealership and said I don't want to put anything down, there's the car I want, what can you do? They came back with an offer that shocked the hell out of me and I drove off the lot 2 hours later with a brand new 2010 Kia Forte EX Sedan.... The only hindsight I have about it is I wish I knew about the Koup lol.
19,500 is way too much for an EX sedan! I have seen that same car in my area for 15k.
Koupatroopa...what dealer would that be? I'm willing to travel to get my car if it makes sense financially.

And I did forget about the incentives...but I'm still paying $18,600.

Around here, it's tough to find one with black interior too.
My Nissan sentry finally gave out on me and my fiancé showed me the koup so I found one online and for the price and the warranty I couldn't pass on it. She kept showing me since it came out never really payed attention to it but when I test drove it I fell in love with it and I had to have it was the only black one on the lot so I had to have it and now I am happy with it. Especially with the way it handles with coilovers.
I live in the Pacific Northwest, Sedans are pretty inexpensive up here. Koups are a little harder to find (especially manuals) so they aren't as flexible on them.
Is $19,500 too much for an EX Sedan w/Premium package (sunroof), remote start, spoiler, homelink mirror, cargo net and cargo tray? Invoice is about $19,300. MSRP is around $20,400 or so.
New 2012 Kia Forte Price Quote w/ MSRP, Dealer Cost & Invoice

Depends what part of the country you are in, but truecar shows:
Dealer Cost: $18,306 (after $500 in incentives)
Their price: $18,534
Average Paid: $19,302
Invoice: $19,334
Sticker: $20,265

I don't work for TrueCar, and I think you can do $200-$300 better than their price if you don't mind playing games with the sales manager for 2-3 hours - but at least it gives you a ballpark. (Keep in mind according to them, most people pay about what you asked about, so you would have to have that info to save the $1000).
Was looking at Mazda3 and Civics at first, but Mazda3's gas mileage sucked and Civics were WAY overpriced since 2011 models were cleared out and 2012 models just came out. Saw Forte on some websites and liked its standard features and reasonable gas mileage. I like 5-doors and Mazda3 5-door has worse mileage than the 4-door version and Civic doesn't have a 5-door. In the end, the Forte was well priced for its specs because the dealer was willing to negotiate:

2011 EX 5-door
-remote start
-electrochromatic mirror /w Homelink
-bumper appliqe
-wheel locks
-cargo tray

$16,300 after incentives, before tax and DMV fees in San Jose, CA in June 2011
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