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Wheels photoshop. Take a look!!

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I'm going to buy wheels for the next summer so I'm in the market. I really like the first wheel but not my friend :(
Here's what I spotted!
1: Elbrus Wheels i04 17'' or 18''

Enkei gtc01 (expensive:()

Drag wheels DR-34

Give me your opinion !!!
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Second ones or third option, personally for our cars you need more then 5 spokes
The first ones do it for me...if they had a machined lip they would look even better!
second one.. not to mention those are some pretty decent chops my man
Second or third, the second look like they belong on a Scion TC.
lol I decide not to buy wheel for my Kia. I got a pretty huge project so I need money : I will buy a BMW e30 and do a m3 motor swap so I need $$ haha
Well thats a good project but wheels are nice too, lol
Not sold on the first one. I am leaning more toward the third. The second choice looks like scion wheels. But I luv luvl luv the red brake calipers from the first pic. Good look with your choice.
Definetly Second. Had very similar ones on my black Mitsubishi Lancer, just mine had a red pinstripe around the outside...
How about either one of these, im getting the first ones for my orange koup, and the second is only available in 18" but i can either one for less than 100 per wheel through work.. third pic is when i test fitted.... so sexy... puttin some hankook ventus v12 on em...


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First ones look nice and clean. I don't care for the second ones, they look bland and boring like a Scion tC. Third one I haven't really made up my mind on.
third ones would look best but get them in black
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