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You'll get 101 different opinions from 100 different people,'s mine.

Consider the potentially low quality oil that some automakers put in their engines at the factory. Bought from the lowest bidder, it likely only meets minimum requirements of protection. Then consider how many times the car is started, moved, and shut down after it's built, during it's trip across the pond, after it's arrival, and around your dealership. Starting an engine without warming it to normal operating temperature can cause condensation to build inside the engine, eventually ending up in the oil. And every time you start a cold engine, it's programming causes it to run rich, potentially causing excess fuel and carbon to enter the crankcase. By the time you buy the car, the oil is old, and diluted with moisture and fuel. Since it wasn't that great when it was new, consider its condition when you purchase it.

Then, give some thought to the break-in material that enters the oil during the first 100 miles of driving. Nearly microscopic shards of aluminum, copper and iron enter the oil, and being too small to be caught by the filter, they get busy causing accelerated wear inside bearings and in the bores.

Because of all this, I don't want this oil in my engine for 500 miles, much less 7500. I change the oil as soon as I buy a car, again at 500 miles, and again at 3000 miles. Due to their superior thermal stability and resistance to oxydizing and shearing, I use high quality synthetics at 3000 and beyond.

Just one of many points of view you'll likely get on this thread. Happy motoring!
seconded. I'm trying out some royal purple thursday for my oil change, going to see if there are any noticeable gains from it as the royal purple rep said there would be, and I'm curious. Tired of hearing that its crap and then that its the best out there, so I'll find out for myself lol
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