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Where can I get a nice clean body kit?

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Where can I get a body kit from? Besides Korean Auto Imports.
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BK's available

as far as I've seen so far, there's 4 options out there:
1)NEFD kit(Korean AutoImports, Jayongmall-ebay,
2)Carrons kit(i think that's what it's called) -
3)BK on - Roy Lee(company is EuroAir who sells it, at least one company anyways)
4)SXR kit - available at some kia dealerships i think

the NEFD kit has come down to around $800 shipped(jayongmall)

the carrons kit is ASTRONOMICAL in price - i inquired, they want $2500( i shit my pants when i heard that)

the kit on is roughly $6-700 plus shipping from korea(add another couple hundred for shipping) - two companies associated(dunno who actually fabricated it) are HOS(singapore) and Road Race motorsports(USA)

sxr kit is around $1K i think(search around the forum for a possible price)

happy hunting!
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The SXR kit without spoiler is going to be much closer to $1500, unpainted.
BRUTAL! the side piece is so small it's not even classifiable as a side skirt. that's damn pricey for $1500 UNPAINTED!
Yeah thats pretty pricey. Ok, thanks a lot, looks like the NEFD kit is the one I'm getting as of now.
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