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where to buy rims in edmonton?

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seen a couple nice sets of enkies id like to buy for my car, was wondering if anyone new any good places in edmonton that sell enkies or any good online stores for wheels in canada
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Aaaah, a fellow Edmontonian-AWESOME!!! Tons of people here have purchased wheels online using Discount Tire with good luck but I've always dealt with a place in town here called Central Tire on 109 Street, just South of Jasper Ave. Sean and Wade are great there and really know what they're talking about. Good luck and post pics when you get your new wheels.
Seems like a decent amount of people here from Edmonton! I purchased my 10' Titanium SX in Nov. So far I've seen a White SX & a Blue SX. They aren't very common around here though... Which is nice
Reppin' 780. Yo.

I'm not sure if DT is carrying Enkei again (they used to for sure but I heard they stopped a few years ago). I'd call Fastech and see what they can do for you, otherwise is Canadian and their prices are great. Just need an installer if you get the rubber elsewhere.

Seems all I see all day is Fortes... it's weird... they are everywhere!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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