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Where to get an alignment done???

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I need to get a 4 wheel alignment. Does anyone know where I could get it done that is a national chain? I've gone to NTB, Sears, and Firestone and none of them have the specs for the car b/c it's too new. I'm trying to avoid the dealership at all cost. Thanks!
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This is becoming rediculous!!!! I've been to three places that can't do the alignment. I took it too a shop that does imports and foreign car's and is full service. I dropped the car off @ 10:00 and I told them I'd be back @ 2 on my lunch to get the car. The guy looked at it and we talked about how nice the car is blah blah blah, and he said everything would be great. I get there and go F*ing figure, he said they couldn't do it because the car is too low. I mean, my car isn't any lower than anyone else's right?? Why is this becoming such an issue??

Anyways, a guy I see at work told me to go to this shop he takes his muscle car too. The guy has owned the shop for 25+ years and does tons of work on drag cars, race cars, and imports. I called him and he said as long as I have 2.5" of clearance we're in business. So the alignment will be done tomorrow but it's 45 minutes from my house!!! Freaking ridiculous!!

Sorry, my vent session, thanks for listening!
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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