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Where to get KIA badges from

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I just took off my K Badges on my Koup because I got sick of them looking grotty and tarnish after just 1 year of use.
I put old KIA badges back on but I bent the steering wheel badge, so I need a new one but can't seem to find one anywhere on e-bay, any help appreciated
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I believe I actually have the steering wheel one
I replaced my crappy "K" badges with the stock Kia ones for the exact reason you did, but I left my steering wheel badge ("K") on......i figured it's not gonna wear much(at least not as much as the ones who face the weather)........up to you, if you'd rather have everything with stock badges or not.
I changes the badges heres the result looks good at least no more tarnish look
Any of you just planning on throwing your K badges away? If so, I'll take em.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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