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Which exhaust with emissions?

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Hey guys. Probably a stupid question, but I’ll ask anyway.
I’m in PA and have to pass emissions every year. What can I do to my exhaust to get some better sound and still pass the emissions testing?

22 Forte GT.
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I remember having to do emissions, no longer though here lol
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I did kind of forget that since the car is a 22 model, I am exempt from emissions for 3 or 4 years. Hmmm.
They stopped doing emissions checks here a few years ago.
Honestly OBD 2 cars run better with emissions in place. I was big into the custom compact scene in the late 90's early 2000's. I ran an
emissions legal header, moved close coupled cat with a custom down pipe to under the car with a high flow cat. Finished this off with a cat back exhaust. Setup made a big difference and the car passed emissions and had no codes.
I wouldn't run my Forte without it, my Corolla on the other hand it makes no difference but that's a different story lol
Funny how that works, I had an 80 Toyota pickup with a high compression 22r, big cam, Weber carb no EGR, no cat and a tri-Y header... it passed just fine but failed visual. My 100% stock 84 nissan pickup couldn’t pass out the tailpipe if it had a gun held to its head.
I honestly don't know, but I don't think, that my Corolla would pass today, but we haven't had emissions testing here for a few years now.
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