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Why does the Forte sedan ride so high?

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I think this bothers me more than anything about the Forte. I park on a lot with many other cars and the Forte looks like it sits higher on it's wheels than any car on the lot. A Toyota Avalon family sedan parks next to me and that looks like a lowered sports car compared to mine. This car sits much higher than my Elantra too. I've thought about lowering it but with the SX's already pretty harsh ride, I'm kind of avoiding it.

Am I the only one that feels this way? The car looks especially tall (compared to other cars) when viewed from the rear.
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If you think the Koup's height is much better...try parking one next to a Corvette...LoL!
I need to take a pic of my car beside the Vette! He won't believe the car sits high anymore :D
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