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Windshield Wipers

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I live in the Northeast of the USA and at times we get some pretty chilly nights and collect a lot of frost on the windshield.I do not have a garage,so my question is, is there a way of knowing that the wipers have gone through a complete cycle before shutting off the car.I have had ocassions when the wiper motor or parts of the wipper assembly has broke because the blades were frozen to the windshield and when you go to start up in the early morning, opps !!!!. Is there a cure ? Or is it just to have to remind oneself to sit there before shutting off and making sure the cycle has completed. By the way I am not hoping for winter, but it's comming
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i think i heard the sx has windsheild wiper warmers....
Not in the USA it doesn't. At least the sedan doesn't
I can tell yo that the Koups in Canada have the wiper warmers.
Just turn your wipers off? Give the lever a quick up swing to mist wipe when you go to turn your car off and then you'll know your wipers will be off for the next morning.
I have a SX KOUP and I have it...USA. It doesn't warm the whole wiper persay. It warms the area on the windshield where the wiper rests between wipes.
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