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nicks79 -

I know that there is a KIA Service Action #SA012 to replace the relays in the electric fusebox in the engine compartment. This is to repair complaints with "concerns of inoperative A/C blower, high/low cooling fans or engine starter motor". If this is what you're experiencing, tell the damn dealer to look up the SA012 Service Action, and DO IT ON YOUR CAR.

Once more, KIA Service has their heads up their..... very tight dark smelly places.....

And... if you haven't yet, sign up for KIA's own tech website, KGIS. It's free, and you can find it here: Kia Global Information System (KGIS). It's worth the 1 minute of time to sign up. You'll get all the info on YOUR Forte, as well as complete schematics to the vehicle, all for FREE.

I highly advise that you sign up for it, as there may be OTHER Service Actions that apply to your vehicle. Any good KIA Service Department should run your VIN and all applicable SA's for your car should be flagged... but... it looks like you might be dealing with a not-good Service Dept.

Just my two cents.
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