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Won't Start! Emergency!

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Yesterday morning on the way to work I turned off the car in a buddy's driveway to wait for him to come out and when i went to start her up it would crank but no start at all. Just crank crank crank. I took out key then watied about 2 minutes then it started up fine.
Now this eve when i got home I turned her off then about 20 minutes later I tried to go out and same thing again except this time she's a no go at all. Just turning over and over but won't start!
I know this is a warranty issue but of course the dealership is an hour away and closed. Problem is that I have a child here with very high fever and am waiting for my second car to get home to take her to the hospital. That won't be for an hour or so.
if anyone has had this issue and found out what it was and if it's a quickk fix please let me know cause it might be quicker.
Could it be the immobilizer? Where is that antennae? Is there a wiring harness near the fuel rail that could have not been clipped and shook loose?
The fuel pump does activate when the key is turned. Everything seems to check out but just won't start this time.
thanks all with any input!!

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Someone on here had the same problem......problem with the ECU? I think they just got it flashed and it was fine. It's cranking so ignition is good...just sounds like it's not getting the right fuel/air mixture. Or no fuel.
Amazing how things work out with timing!
I actually have oil change appointment at the dealer tomorrow morning now daughter's real sick.
I hope that the included roadside assistance Kia gives us will cover a 70km tow to Yarmouth!

Thanks for the input jarret!
I've heard too that there's a way to get pass the immobilizer. Something like 3 key turns er something.
Funny cause I actually did that yesterday morning for another reason then it started.
I'd go out and check but the car is at father in laws 5kms away. second car should be home soon tho. (hopefully)
I don't recall if the light was on for the immobilizer cause of course that wasn't on my mind but for sure could be the ECU or who knows...grr...
Other car's almost here so I'll let y'all know what I get from the dealer tomorrow!
Got it running!
thanks a Mill... to everyone!
I found that Limp mode in the manual and figured i didn't have the password so I resorted to plan B. I shook the life out of the steering column and like magic been good all night now.
Got Daughter to the Hospital. Strep Throat but got the meds so all should be good.
I'll still get Kia to look at the car to be sure this doesn't keep happening as it will only keep going with the steering wheel at the lowest position and being 6 foot that's no good for long!
Funny thing is I had no flashing light or anything so not sure if Limp mode would have even worked? Anybody know?
thank again all!!!!
Case closed...
official verdict from the dealer today is that the immobilizer antennae was just hanging near it's wire plug er whatever.
All fixed with no issues now.
weekend trip will happen after all.
and best part of this is......?

your daughter got a few shots of the penicillen and is probably feeling really good about now :)

(glad to hear your car is doing good also) lol ;)
Very true on the best part!
daughter is feeling a bit better and she of course enjoyed no school today.
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