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Default password is ALWAYS 2345 - on those types of Kia equipped with the Limp mode. Not all are, and I can't say I have ever had to try it with a Forte... so *shrugs* I thought Kia did away with the four digit password back in 2006...

I have only ever run into one single car where the password has been changed... it's a royal PITA to change it (and completely pointless, all things considered) so chances of it being different as slim-to-none.

The best suggestion I have with anything "immobilizer light related" is to just keep trying. But DON'T crank the engine if the key is not recognized (light does NOT come on). This burns down your battery, heats up your starter, and if you retry it enough times without a valid code from the key, you'll actually completely lock-out the car, and make starting impossible.

Turn the key to ON, and if the light doesn't come on you should turn the key to off, pull it out of the the ignition, hold it to the tip of your nose and count to three. Then try a second time. If the light comes on then proceed to crank and start. if the light doesn't come on, then repeat the first set of steps until it does. Try your other car key if it's available, as well...

I HATE immobilizer issues... absolutely and completely. Almost impossible to troubleshoot (99% are intermittent and always start for me!) and every part of the system costs a fortune if you mis-diag it and is hours to get to (most immobilizer units are under the dash. Literally... dash - out.)
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