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Won't Start! Emergency!

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Yesterday morning on the way to work I turned off the car in a buddy's driveway to wait for him to come out and when i went to start her up it would crank but no start at all. Just crank crank crank. I took out key then watied about 2 minutes then it started up fine.
Now this eve when i got home I turned her off then about 20 minutes later I tried to go out and same thing again except this time she's a no go at all. Just turning over and over but won't start!
I know this is a warranty issue but of course the dealership is an hour away and closed. Problem is that I have a child here with very high fever and am waiting for my second car to get home to take her to the hospital. That won't be for an hour or so.
if anyone has had this issue and found out what it was and if it's a quickk fix please let me know cause it might be quicker.
Could it be the immobilizer? Where is that antennae? Is there a wiring harness near the fuel rail that could have not been clipped and shook loose?
The fuel pump does activate when the key is turned. Everything seems to check out but just won't start this time.
thanks all with any input!!

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Another "Will not start"

I apologize for reviving and old thread.. New member here..

I have 2010 Forte EX Auto sedan. Stock, no add-ons (only a roof rack).

Two months ago, I went to start it in the morning - car wouldn't start. Starter cranks, door locks and windows work, however - no dash lights and will not start. Had it towed to the dealer - the verdict "we don't know whats wrong with it". They were able to start it " by tapping on the relay box" under the hood.

Two days ago, same thing - only this time it started as soon as I pulled on the hood release latch. Its a dealer now. They were playing with it yeaterday and couldn't find anything - I guess they are consulting with "brains" at KIA.

Has anyone had this happened on the vehicle without immobilizer system?? I believe my EX doesn't have immobilizer. It has regular key and a remote for door and trunk opening.

Responses are much appreciated..
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nicks79 -

I know that there is a KIA Service Action #SA012 to replace the relays in the electric fusebox in the engine compartment. This is to repair complaints with "concerns of inoperative A/C blower, high/low cooling fans or engine starter motor". If this is what you're experiencing, tell the damn dealer to look up the SA012 Service Action, and DO IT ON YOUR CAR.

Once more, KIA Service has their heads up their..... very tight dark smelly places.....

And... if you haven't yet, sign up for KIA's own tech website, KGIS. It's free, and you can find it here: Kia Global Information System (KGIS). It's worth the 1 minute of time to sign up. You'll get all the info on YOUR Forte, as well as complete schematics to the vehicle, all for FREE.

I highly advise that you sign up for it, as there may be OTHER Service Actions that apply to your vehicle. Any good KIA Service Department should run your VIN and all applicable SA's for your car should be flagged... but... it looks like you might be dealing with a not-good Service Dept.

Just my two cents.
Thanks TeeJay, I will sign up and review all that applies to my VIN.

My problem was with ignition mostly - the starter would crank but not start.. Sounds like there is no spark.

Pride Kia on Lynnway in Lynn, MA doesn't look like the most up to date Kia dealer..
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