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XXR Wheels

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Would love to see one of you guys with the Copperhead color try these out....It would look sick. Not sure if the wheels would fit or not...Didn't look into specs...

XXR 006- Copper | Dubz Direct
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I have seen these before and I have also debated on that colour scheme for my car.
Are they free, added them to my cart and it's $0.00
Those would look really good :)
and for that price why wait lol
Damn it! Now I'm not sure what I want again. Damn you echo!!!!!!!
the whole site lists their products as $0.00
hmm, nice. someone with copperhead should buy them, so i can see what they look like. haha
Damn it! Now I'm not sure what I want again. Damn you echo!!!!!!!
Sorry man...I think you guys with the copper have the best looking paint honestly....with these wheels it would just look sick....I am having such a hard time with wheels...I thought I knew what I wanted over a month ago. Now I'm back to the drawing board...I know I want a lip and the spokes to match my Titanium but all the gunmetal I am finding is either a little lighter or it's too dark....You got a sure thing here!
Well maybe these can help. They are what I was planning to get and now I dont know again.
Size 17x8 - BLACK KONIG WHEELS LACE BLACK/MACHINED - Wheels and Rims from Performance Plus Tire
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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