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Been lurking here for months & finally signed up 8/5/10. The Forte is a bit low for this otherwise nimble 55 year old to enter/exit. I'm driving my '08 Rondo 2.4(EPA 19/26) which sits up a bit,making in/out EASY. BUT,I drive it for a courier co & 22-24 avg mpg is hurting my bottom line. The Koup/Sedan Fortes left me cold,work-car wise,because my job often involves carrying fairly large boxes. The Forte 5-door won't carry all my Rondo will,but it would hold what I deliver 95%+ of the time. And if I can avg 29-33,the Forte will save me at least $100 a month. The Rondo's biggest let down is I can't cruise at over 70-72 mph without killing mpg. Running 78-80 mph,nets about 22. It runs great,but it's 3300 lbs & tall,with gearing that puts 80 mph at 3100 rpm. I can get 27-30 mpg on a perfect day @ 60-68 mph,but I need to 'get there',so good mlg at 74-80 mph is a must. The Forte 5-door looks great to me(for job or not),I hope it all works out!
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