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Your Forte GT has a lead foot tracker.

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That purple/pink pulse like thing on the cluster. Basically unless you're driving up a hill, if the color strip goes down it means you should let off the gas a little.

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It's this pink/purple bar on the cluster (underneath the mileage reader) that goes back and forth. Let me try to get a picture. But in a few hours when I go out next.
This guage(0-50). It goes dark when at a full stop, and at heavy throttle. It goes full pink/purple when coasting, or very light throttle.

What I've noticed is the more pink/purple the better the gas mileage.

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Mine turns red when I'm in sport mode so maybe yours is a different color. It also might depend on how you have your cluster set up?

No joke though...this thing is extremely helpful letting me know when I need to ease off the gas.
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